Jissenkan Budo Dojo

Jissenkan is a Japanese Martial Arts (Budo) Dojo located on private property in Loveland, Ohio.

Our dojo is designed for like-minded people searching for an authentic training experience. Currently, you must be 18 years or older to join the dojo.

We are an independent dojo. We are not affiliated with any governing organizations, preferring to keep our school organic and free of politics.

Jissenkan Budo incorporates three martial forms:

Karate Jutsu


Our Aikido techniques are is derived from Aiki Kai in Japan. Aikido is a Japanese martial art rooted in sword culture.

We incorporate aikido into our system because of the principles associated with circular movement. We feel this, along with the more linear techniques of karate make for a well-rounded style. While we are a Budo Dojo, our primary emphasis is on combat applicability.

Rank Structure

Jissenkan Budo is an independent martial arts school. Therefore, we utilize a ranking system that is unique to our needs and philosophy.

In Japan’s feudal era, the Samurai class typically used a general system of rank or licensing known as Menkyo. It wasn’t until the founder of Judo, Kano Sensei, formulated the Kyu/Dan system most styles use today.

In order test for any rank in our dojo, a student must understand principles from the three arts we teach and practice. We feel this provides a much more well-rounded approach to training.

The highest rank awarded in this dojo is Go Dan or 5th degree black belt.

For more information on our dojo, please contact us at jissenbudo@gmail.com.